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From: David Lubkin (lubkin@unreasonable.com)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 06:35:59 MDT

I've posted a collection of photos from Extro 5 at


I struggled with the issues involved in putting photos on the web
without explicit prior permission from the people in the pictures.
It is routinely done by others; that doesn't mean I'm comfortable
with the practice.

My biggest concern is that this is a private community but our
archives are publicly available. Some of us might be willing to
attend a conference but don't want outsiders to know what we look

What to do, what to do? My compromise was to put the photos up
for now, with a request for anyone in them to let me know if you
want me to do anything to enhance or reduce your privacy --

Enhance: Remove your picture, or blur you if you're in the
background. Remove your name from the caption. Don't pass the
photo on to Eshaun for the EXI web site or newsletter. Don't honor
requests for copies or prints.

Reduce: Add your name if it's missing or I got it wrong. Add
your title or affiliation. Add a link to your email or web site.

I will try to respond to all requests immediately.

All photos are Digimarc-ed. There are no links from my main web
site to the photo page.

-- David Lubkin.


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