Re: Stossel program faces generic engineering threat

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 23:46:29 MDT

> Hal wrote, in relevant part:
> >But if you looked closely at the list, all were Third World countries.
> >Venezuela, Mexico, etc., all poor nations.
Actually Venezuela & Mexico have a lot of oil wealth, they just haven't
worked out how to get it to benefit much of the population.

We discussed this perhaps a year ago in discussing the European
view of AgBio. They are so awash in production capability that
is subsidized that introducing RBGH would only make the situation
worse. The farm lobby in Europe has to be at least as strong
as it in the U.S. and so getting people out of the farming
business isn't easy. I think in Germany they may now be
paying the farmers to convert their farms to tourist get-a-ways
for the city folk to try and wean them off the subsidy wagon.


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