Re: NEWS: Reuters story on AI (Kurzweil and Vita-More)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 17:04:09 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
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> ><< Freezing indeed, but please minus the snake oil. As to omega computing,
> > it's useless without the freezing part. >>
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> >Not according to certain thinkers, including Amara G. who has the Ph.D. in
> >Physics to buttress this notion (I f I am not misrepresenting her
> >viewpoint).
> > I have been pretty driven by the conjecture that there is (somehow) a
> >possible recording matrix for which all activity/information is arbitrarily
> >recoverable.
> I tend to doubt the inexplicable recorder theory. I think to the extent any
> past matter/data state is ever recoverable it'll be because the computer
> doing the recover will be provided a sufficient amount of detail concerning
> then-present states and will be powerful enough to extrapolate backwards. I
> think this does not bode well for being able to recover the private mental
> life of dead individuals, but an objectively reasonable facsimile sufficient
> to fool a third party observer may be possible.

Two assumptions that would be sufficient to recover the private
life of dead individuals would be:

a) that it is possible to scan the complete brain/consciousness
at some point in the future;

b) that it is possible to time-travel under closure (without
spawning off some alternate universe).

An alternate for (b) is that some advanced Power already set up
equipment and has been making such recordings all along. Which
brings us back to the original scenario.

- samantha

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