Re: NEWS: Reuters story on AI (Kurzweil and Vita-More)

Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 16:54:36 MDT

<Zero cleary states:
<I tend to doubt the inexplicable recorder theory. I <think to the extent any
<past matter/data state is ever recoverable it'll be <because the computer doing the recover will be <provided a sufficient amount of detail concerning then-<present states and will be powerful enough to <extrapolate backwards. I think this does not bode <well for being able to recover the private mental life <of dead individuals, but an objectively reasonable <facsimile sufficient to fool a third party observer <may be possible.
<Life is good. Refuse to die.

If reverse determinism, through photon capture or Amara's planetary and astrophyisical dust hypothesis, is even trivally, true, there seems to be enough data to reformulate the past, right down to the thoughts of its inhabitants, including lower animal life. This is not your daddy's Singulairty! ;-)

It is, in fact, computationalism based on neutronic or other exotic-matter processing. We are talking about, minimally, 10^60 operations per second. It was Eric Drexler who held that it would take nanotech,
functioning at 10^38 that could, in principle, re-create all the life that existed at the pre-Cambrian explosion of 515-million years ago through today. You can imagine what the power must be then, for all those zero-sets, past 10^38. To achieve such power might take a phenomenal amount of time. I think frozen snoozing is the royal road back, but that for the majority, the dirt nap and later recovery might do just as well.


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