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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 16:10:18 MDT

>From: Brent Allsop <>

> Also, like ALL other popular discussion of the future, it is
>entirely based on the "Turing test" view of lonely consciously
>isolated beings. The view that we will eternally never really know
>what other conscious minds are like other than the causal behavior we
>can observe. Is the boy really feeling pain? Or is he just a tape
>recorder begging for the pain to stop? The assumption is that no one
>will ever know.

Can you point to specific scenes that advance this view? I didn't get this
But it's a correct view anyway. Even if you were to mentally interface
directly with another being, and then feel consciousness, you'd still always
be feeling only your own consciousness. It would be a more intense version
of feeling empathy for someone. You wouldn't be able to make any claim about
whether the entity is conscious itself, when you're not interfacing with it.

>This is my pet peeve and there is no way the future
>can be like this. The worlds of our consciousness will expand and
>escape from our skulls. We will be effing, sharing, merging, and
>getting inside other's minds. Hence the future will be very different
>than all this Turring test like behavior. Surely even the idea of
>individual beings will really no longer exist in the distant future.
> Another utterly stupid assumption the entire plot hinged on
>was the idea that once the mother spoke the special words to the
>android boy, it would suddenly drastically change him and forever lock
>him into the mind set of only loving the person that spoke the words.
>The only thing that could be done to change such would be to destroy
>the boy. It's difficult for us to alter ourselves, but it's absurd to
>think that an android couldn't be modified.

Well, he was a beta right? Maybe the rollback feature hadn't been completed

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