Re: NEWS: Reuters story on AI (Kurzweil and Vita-More)

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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 14:58:37 MDT


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><< Freezing indeed, but please minus the snake oil. As to omega computing,
> it's useless without the freezing part. >>
>Not according to certain thinkers, including Amara G. who has the Ph.D. in
>Physics to buttress this notion (I f I am not misrepresenting her
> I have been pretty driven by the conjecture that there is (somehow) a
>possible recording matrix for which all activity/information is arbitrarily

I tend to doubt the inexplicable recorder theory. I think to the extent any
past matter/data state is ever recoverable it'll be because the computer
doing the recover will be provided a sufficient amount of detail concerning
then-present states and will be powerful enough to extrapolate backwards. I
think this does not bode well for being able to recover the private mental
life of dead individuals, but an objectively reasonable facsimile sufficient
to fool a third party observer may be possible.


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