Re: Kosovo War Revisited

Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 23:14:50 MDT

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<< The easiest way to remove a dictator: one bullet right through the brain.
 That doesn't take a massed army. It doesn't take a concerted alliance
 against him or her. Just one bullet from one gun. Game over.
 I have to get back to making sure things happen, especially with a name
 like, >>
As to who sat on their asses while massacres raged-basically we all did. We
being USA, Canada,Nato,France. As for Croatia, please to let everyone know
that I am not of fan of Utashis (adolph's ally in the balkans), but I recall
that the old Utashi dictator died recently, and was replaced by a much, more,
congenial government-as in non-massacre loving. For all their past
hideousness, the Croat-Utashi government did not draw first blood, or
threaten that it would. That was the Chetniks under Milosovich, who started
off the camps and "ethnic cleansing". Once fighting began, anything can be

As far as involvement in the process-I am just another ass-sitter who lived
their lives and essentially did nothing, just like everyone else.

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