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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 00:01:23 MDT

>From: "Jason Joel Thompson" <>

>Ah yes, "get used to it and get over it," the rallying cry of the
>pessimistic inevitablist.
>Good thing that a bunch of smart people on this planet decided to try to
>exert some influence over our reality despite its apparent inevitability.
>Instead of shrugging and saying: "Hey, we can't stop Frank from chopping
>down Roger's plum tree and setting his barn on fire, so let's not bother,"
>they figured they'd whip up some aribitrary social contracts to control
>undesirable individual behavior.

OK, you’re obviously a smart guy. Let’s hear *your* idea for a workable
“social contract” that’s going to keep people from pirating music and
software. Sure you can shut down Napster. But can you shut down IRC? or
Gnutella? or Freenet? I’ll tell you what, in the unlikely event that you
*can* come up with a workable solution, I know some folks over at the RIAA
who would be happy to make you very rich in exchange for your bright ideas.


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