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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 23:55:08 MDT

>From: "Jason Joel Thompson" <>

>I find this "it's impossible, don't bother" mentality to be bothersome in
>the general population, but even more so amongst supposed transhumans-- In
>some ways I feel that we ought to determine what is -desirable- and then
>move towards making it happen. Every generation is filled with the
>nay-sayers who say such and such is impossible, despite the seemingly
>endless historical evidence of progession.

I wonder, havenít you noticed that, when it comes to information, the
endless historical progression has been toward dissemination? I do believe
that we humans are capable of just about anything we set our minds to, with
the exception of large scale consensus. And that is precisely what it would
seem to take in order to cram the information genie back into his lamp.

I agree we should answer the question of what is desirable before we get to
what is possible. But personally Iím satisfied that freedom of information
promotes the greater good far more than concealment does. Your mileage of
course may vary, but so far no one has served up a good enough argument to
dissuade me of my conviction.


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