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Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 11:59:12 MDT

altamira wrote:
> Twenty-one years ago I changed my name from Barbara Owsley to Bonnie Austin.
> I've decided to go back to my original name of Barbara on my 51st birthday,
> which is tomorrow, August 15. I'd thought about going back to the full name,
> but I tried it out on a couple of people and got the same reactions I
> remember from all those years before: "What? How do you spell that?" and so
> forth. (the reason I chose Austin as a last name 21 years ago was because I
> was moving to Austin, and I figured everyone would know how to spell it)
> So I've decided to use Lamar, another of my family names. My great
> grandmother Annette Crenshaw Lamar was one of my most valuable role models,
> although I didn't know it at the time. She was old by the time I was up and
> about, but I remember her as being curious and energetic and happy. It was
> Annette who taught me to read when I was a little girl (and also taught me
> some French, which by now I've mostly forgotten--she and my grandmother
> always wanted me to be able to read Victor Hugo's novels in the original
> language, which is something I have yet to do).
> Barbara Lamar

Ceci n'est pas un pipe! ;P

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