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Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 05:13:55 MDT

Loree Thomas wrote:
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> > <<Present statutory law is split concerning the parental status of sperm
> > donors. Fifteen states have statutes, patterned after Section 5(b) of
> > the Uniform Parentage Act,
> > specifying that a donor will not be considered the father of a child
> > born of artificial insemination if the semen was provided to a licensed
> > physician for use in artificial insemination of a married woman other than
> the
> > donor's wife. Fifteen
> > other statutes do not explicitly limit nonparenthood to situations where
> > the semen is provided to a physician. Instead, they shield donors from
> > parenthood in all situations where a married woman is artificially
> inseminated
> > with her husband's consent. >> (i.e. if the husband does not give his
> consent (or
> > rescinds his consent any time in the two years following the act of
> > insemination) then the donor, known or anonymous, is considered a
> > parent.
> So much for "Yet every legal precedent in the country states that ultimately
> it is
> the biological parents who are responsible for their biological
> children."
> You should have made me work for it. Not that I would have! However, it
> was nice of you to shoot yourself in the foot for me. Need a bandage?
> Actually, I'm glad that when I pushed you just a little, you turned out to
> be intellectually honest. My opinion of you just went up a notch.

On the contrary, since MY original point dealt with situations where
consent was not involved, then any precedent that did involve consent is
not relevant to the discussion, except to contrast the difference. I
would appreciate it if you were as honest about that point.


Mike Lorrey

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