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Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 21:12:45 MDT

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>Subject: Re: genius genes
>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 03:53:37 -0700
>Another dissipating 'singularity' it seems.
>Originally portrayed as a father-son event (see Warren Buffet & Bill Gates
>in your favorite search engine), this election-year's powermonger festival
>seems to be shaping up as a Gates-Allen duel. Perhaps this is most evident
>in the State of Washington, where the Lakeside alumni are quite
>bred. Allen's 'failed' Common's venture seeded his growing culture of
>real-estate holdings in the Seattle area. Combine this with the Seahawks
>Experience Music Project(EMP) and you will get dizzy trying to distill his
>diversified strategies into a cohesive plan. Top this with his recent $11M
>to SETI for The Allen Array and what have you got?
>Compare this to Gate's 'altruistic' giving to vaccinate the entire
>third-world population, college-funding for minorities, and matching grant
>for low-income housing for families with children.
>Can "Allen takes on Gates" be far behind "Bush takes on Gore" ???
>For additional ruminations on this topic see:
>[Seattle's wealth explosion changes the civic landscape] by O. Casey Corr
>of the Seattle Times
>Aside: (and totally OT)
>Who slipped the brain laxative into R.'s coffee?
Another example of a massive con job. Given that introducing more money
into the stream merely causes the prices of everything to rise, these
wonderful philanthropic efforts do MUCH, MUCH less in general to raise the
general welfare than simply reinvesting the money directly into production
or valuable R & D, which actually results in a net increase in wealth. In
most cases, misguided or con-artiste charity for publicity purposes merely
redistributes the resources from the productive to the most unproductive.
Bread and circuses... Too bad they couldn't spend the money fixing the
thousands of Windows bugs.
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