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Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 04:33:37 MDT

Loree Thomas wrote:
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> > > > > If I grab your DNA (and possibly your spouses as well) and produce a
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> > > >Sorry, that doesn't follow.
> > > Not to mention the fact that there wouldn't be a drop of semem in any
> sperm
> > > bank on Earth
> > Yet every legal precedent in the country states that ultimately it is
> > the biological parents who are responsible for their biological
> > children.
> BS. You can't get away with statements like that. "every legal
> precedent"?!!??
> You went from bad to worse.
> It's true that the laws are being rewritten almost daily as surrogate
> mothers, artificial insemination, different adoptions paths and womens right
> to choose (no choice for fathers) cause more such cases to appear on the
> dockets of family courts in all juristictions.
> Do a real legal search... don't just make "facts" up of the top of your
> head.

Its pretty well standard, perhaps some of the lawyers like Greg can
contribute. I know of a case, for instance, in Kentucky, where a woman
signed a contract with a teenage boy to inseminate her, acknowledging
him giving up all rights and her giving up all claims on him. Yet a few
years later when he became an adult and she was unemployed, she got a
court to break the contract and despite his counterclaim of statutory
rape (i.e. that he had no consent in the matter) the court still found
him responsible for the child.

Just because you didn't consent to the childs conception and birth does
not negate your responsibility for your biological offspring.


Mike Lorrey

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