Re: Tracking down someone by IP?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 19:23:21 MDT

Paul Hughes wrote:
> I've always though I understood how switching/packing data worked on the
> internet, but maybe I'm missing something. People keep talking about
> how people can be tracked down using their IP number. My question is
> how so?
> The IP address only tells the seeker what server you're logged into.
> Since you are probably one of at least a hundred other users at that IP
> address, how could anyone possibly identify you by IP address?

Every individual is assigned a temporary dynamic IP address when logged
into the server ( the server has to know which logged in user to send
packets to), and keeps a log of what subscribers used what dynamic IP
addresses for what period of time, and typically which modem on the ISP
system they were logged in on. Checking the phone company records for
that call, you can find out what phone number called into that modem,
and what the location of that phone number is. If you are doing this
while the caller is still logged in, you can test the signal for
forwarding, to see if the signals are orginating there, or simply being
forwarded from there, and if so where from, etc...


Mike Lorrey

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