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From: John M Grigg (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 05:20:22 MDT

Spike wrote:
>Cabots? Lodges? Never heard of them. In this century, unlike any
>in the past, the *real* political power is no longer in the hands of any
>politician, for the laws of the land are stable enough they cannot
>change in any major way, even if we see that something clearly does
>not work right. No, the *real* power is in the hands of the

I really liked this final line he wrote:
>Ahhhh, nerdvana. To hell with the meek, the smart have
>finally inherited the earth.

There is a tech billioniare whose name eludes me(not Gates) who has said as an engineer it bothered him that the business suits and lawyers seemed to parasitically prosper off the work of his fellow engineers and scientists.

He said he just knew if he could combine his technical knowledge with the right business skills he could turn the tables. And he did.

He had been an engineering professor who took something he developed to market. He had experienced a bad marriage and a midlife crisis and decided he had to do something to make his life standout.

This man comes from a poor background and joined the navy where his technical skills were first discovered and encouraged. I can't remember the name though... Any ideas?


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