Re: Nanotechnology: New List Nano Veterinary Medicine

Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:22:46 MDT

> The NanoVet Medicine has been created to discuss how the new advances
> in Nanotechnology Research are going to affect the field of Veterinary
> Medicine. Those advances are expected to increase the longevity and
> improve the quality of life of our pets.
> Subscription instructions:
> To subscribe to NanoVet Medicine simply send a blank email to:
> will send you a
> confirmation message. Once you reply to the confirmation message your
> name is going to be added to our list.

There's nothing wrong with vets speculating about nanotech, but it seems
curiously focused. Every field will be impacted. Will we see separate
lists discussing the effects of nanotech on plumbing? gardening? engine
design? apparel? dentistry? heating and air conditioning? cleaning
clothes? drawing and painting? garbage collection? travel and
tourism? home and office furniture? sidewalk repair? cosmetics? TV and
video? haircutting?

The problem with focussing on such specific areas is that it tends to
fragment the larger discussion of the basic capabilities of nanotech.
How much do vets, or cosmetologists, or concrete suppliers know about
nanotech? Their fields will be changed beyond recognition, undoubtedly.
But it's hard to estimate when, or how the changes will be phased in,
with our present state of knowledge. It seems premature to try to set up
topic specific discussion lists when we know so little about the details.


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