Re: Differing views of oil reserves

Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 02:02:29 MDT

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<< That being said, the same land could be used to set up windmills
 too. Windmills and cornfields should cohabitate nicely. spike >>

In the USA, wind turbines need to be connected to some effective storage
system, specifically fuel cells, to be the most vital. However, the
marketplace seems to dictate merely getting in the wind turbines 1st. Grasses
inter-mixed with GM crops like weed-trees, or soy should greatly reduce soil
erosion. The focus of fuel crops appears to be most useful with
transportation fuels for autos, and trucks, and construction vehicles. My
earlier comment regarding Dr. Thomas Gold and his estimates that most
petroleum is of abiological origin, and that supplies potentially exist in
the hundred times range of current oil estimates. Such a "wildcard" would
obviate the economics of energy production for centuries.

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