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Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 13:21:23 MDT

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> >For instance, the only way I can imagine preventing certain types of
> >mega-nano-crimes is to predict the intention. But I don't really like
> >possible implications of this sort of mental 'eavesdropping.'

> By 'mental' do you mean telepathic eavesdropping, or plain old electronic
> snooping?

Well, yeah, I didn't explain this very well, but I mean several things. The
ways in which we can predict 'intention' are likely to evolve over the next
little while-- today it pretty much lies in the realm of behavior profiling.
If our intellects are networked, it might be a little snooper bot that
cracks your brain and looks for dangerous precursor patterns.

This is the next step in the arms race against the release of outrageously
lethal technologies. There are some crimes that it's not acceptable to
allow to happen even once.


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