RE: Ebola

Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 11:10:57 MDT

Jonathan Reeves writes, regarding the problem of biotech terrorism:
> This why we need to spread to the stars - it's our only chance.
> And sooner rather than later with stuff like this going on

The problem is, going to the stars is really too expensive to be
practical. It would be much cheaper to go live underground, in
hermetically sealed chambers, getting power and light from the surface.

Or you could just live on the surface itself, in a sealed house.
This will give you far more opportunities than in a spaceship.
You can still share in the full richness of human culture, without
being isolated.

Besides, even if you go to the stars, if you take someone else or
have children, one of them might become unhappy and mix up some
Ebola, and then you'd still be screwed.


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