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A discussion of the paper Tom Radcliffe and I presented this summer at the
TOC advanced seminar, "Entities, Edges, and Existence: An Epistemological
Excursion," begins this week. The paper attempts to sketch what a robust,
fully consistent, fully conceptualist concept of ENTITY would be like, and
considers some apparent textual incongruities on the topic in Rand's
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. This work-in-progress was
originally conceived as a further refinement of one aspect of my doctoral
dissertation, and is intended for mainstream journal publication. We
therefore hope to receive rigorous professional critical feedback that
will be useful in its development.

You can read the paper and sign on to the list at


My dissertation is on the site at


The list discussion topic was chosen by Bryan Register, who owns and
moderates the list. Ted O'Connor is providing the list on behalf of
Enlightenment. Hope to see my esteemed colleagues participating.
Spectators are invited.


Dr. Carolyn Ray
Enlightenment http://www.supersaturated.com

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