Revealed at last... the Echelon spammer.

From: Alex Future Bokov (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 20:58:03 MDT

#! /usr/local/bin/perl
# Echelon Spammer v0.1b
# License:
# This product is YeahBloodyRight!Ware. I've worked long and hard to write this
# piece of code and I feel that I'm entitled to my rightful... YeahBloodyRight!
# Now then, with that out of the way...
# If the same "ECHELON dictionary" words keep appearing in everybody's .sig file
# then they're trivial to filter out. So this script creates a random .sig file
# each time it runs. Toss it into your crontab or .login. Add some words of
# your own. Have fun!
# Warning: It will blow away any existing .sig file, so back 'em up!
# -AFB

open (SIG, ">".(getpwuid($<))[7]."/.sig"); # This line specifies your .sig file

@ewords = ("FBI","CIA","NSA","IRS","ATF","BATF","DOD","Waco","Ruby Ridge",
           "OKC","Oklahoma City","militia","gun","handgun","milgov",
           "assault rifle","terrorism","bomb","drug","Horiuchi","Koresh",
           "Davidian","Kahl","Posse Comitatus","Randy Weaver","Vickie Weaver",
           "Special Forces","Linda Thompson","Special Operations Group","SOG",
           "SOF","Delta Force","Constitution","Bill of Rights","Whitewater",
           "POM","Park on Meter","Arkanside","Iran Contra","Oliver North",
           "Vince Foster","PROMIS","Mossad","NASA","M15","ONI","CID","AK47",
           "M16","C4","Malcolm X","Revolution","Cherokee","Hillary",
           "Bill Clinton","Gore","George Bush","Wackenhut",
           "Terrorist Task Force 160","Special Ops","12th Group","5th Group",

$sizeEwords = @ewords;
$numreps = 3; # How many naughty words to put in your sig.

# Personalize this greeting.
$egreeting <<EOF;
Why are the above words in my signature? Check out:


print SIG "\n";
for ($i = 0; $i < $numreps; $i++){
        print SIG $ewords[rand(100)%$sizeEwords].' ';
print SIG "\n$egreeting\n";

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