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From: tilley@att.net
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 14:22:16 MDT

CYMM says:
The addition of such wild genes to a sneaky virus like
the cold virus is
indeed a frightening thought. ...
Such viri are de facto nanotech war machines - and any
impoverished despot can avail himself of such technology.

Well, I thought this was rather ingenious. And of
course, on the GM front, there is the vaccine "being put
into tomatoes" to stimulate the mucosal immune system
against a different glycoprotein attack. Also, GM of the
mosquito to elimiate this malarial vector without
eliminating the mosquito. Or the GM factory in the
tobacco plant chloroplasts, which effectively addresses
the issue of cross-pollination.

Do you not wonder what "good" genes could be added to
the cold virus and the beneficial aspects of this

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