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Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 11:24:35 MDT


We as a civilization are using centralized, hierarchical tools (laws, threat
of military force) to fight decentralized, distributed threats. The question
is, how can the system be rigged such that anybody working in their basement
can also help *prevent* biowarfare? A couple of possibilities immediately
spring to mind--

* Hacking/intelligence gathering

* Whistle-blowing

* Working on antidotes/vaccines

* A few well-heeled individuals getting together and coming up with a
  scheme to anonymously off a monetary bounty for the overthrow of any
  leader who can be proven to be pursuing biological weapons. Possibly
  a tactic that can be used to enforce politeness on the part of the
  world's governments in many different areas, come to think of it.
  Grudge match-- capitalism vs. tyrrany.

* Monkeywrenching, though this would be a much tougher job than PETA has--
  unlike corporations bent on unleashing pest-resistant tomatoes, anybody
  bastard enough to be bent on unleashing flu-bola is likely to have no
  problem killing as many birkenstock-wearing protestors as it takes. Also,
  care would need to be taken from turning this into a runaway reaction
  against all cell/molecular bio research, which would be a cure worse
  than the disease.

* Perhaps therein lies the real solution-- pit PETA/ELF/EarthFirst! against
  the Husseins and Khaddafi's of the world. Two wrongs might not make a
  right, but they just might cancel each other out.

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