Re: >H Ebola

From: Forrest Bishop (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 10:06:51 MDT

John Clark wrote:

> I got to tell you this scares
> the hell out of me. I'm sure they took elaborate precautions to prevent this thing from
> getting out, but holly shit! Imagine a virus that's airborn and as contagious as the
> common cold, that has no vaccine or any other treatment, and kills 90% of those
> infected in less than 48 hours in a manner gruesome enough for any horror movie.
> I sure hope there is something about this experiment I don't understand.

We should be ok as long as this technology doesn't fall into the hands of any
terrorist organizations, such as the governments of the US, FSU or PRC.

Forrest Bishop
Interworld Productions, LLC
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

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