Re: This looks like a fun way to spend 3 years...

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Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 15:30:17 MDT

It IS a fun way to spend 3 years...

You have to see cuttlefish communicate via pattern changeing to believe it!

Something grand is going on here. Something extremely unique and possible of
great value to future technologies...


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Subject: This looks like a fun way to spend 3 years...

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>From: Roland Baddeley <>
>Three year postdoctoral position funded by the BBSRC to work on the
>computational analysis of visual signalling in cuttlefish, to work in
>collaboration with Dr Daniel Osorio and Dr Roland Baddeley at Sussex
>Cuttlefish have a remarkable ability to change their skin coloration
>patterns giving them amazing camouflage abilities, and a very
>effective visual communication channel. Previous work on cuttlefish
>has relied on qualitative classification of their body patterns, but
>by using digital video cameras, image warping techniques, and
>statistical pattern analysis, it is now possible to quantitatively
>analyze these changing skin patterns. Doing this we hope to understand
>their role in camouflage and communication. We are therefore looking
>for a postdoctoral researcher (for up to 3 years) who will:
>1. Analyze the skin patterns generated by the cuttlefish. We have
>developed warping and independent components analysis software. The
>researcher would be expected implement additional means of analysis
>that would shed light on the dimensionality, any clustering of the
>patterns (expected), and implement methods to study the dynamics of
>the change.
>2. Conduct experiments on camouflage. The animals are kept in tanks
>where ``textures'' can be inserted underneath. We can therefore
>analyze camouflage by quantifying how the cuttlefish maps the texture
>pattern inserted, onto its skin patterns. This will give unprecedented
>insight into texture and form perception by a non-human animal. As
>well as conducting the experiments, the researcher would be expected
>to maintain the animals. No previous experience is required as
>training will be provided.
>3. Conduct experiments on communication. The cuttlefish communicate by
>generating stereotypical patterns on the skin. As well as analyzing
>these patterns on their own, given a quantitative description, the
>relationship between the patterns of two communicating animals can be
>analyzed (information capacity, relationship to behavior). Again the
>researcher would be expected to collect data and analyze the results.
>Applicants should have a strong background in statistical/neural
>network techniques and an interest in applying them to real world
>problems. The candidates will be experience in programming (MATLAB
>preferred) and mathematical analysis.
>Enquiries are welcome and can be made to Daniel Osorio
><> or Roland Baddeley <>
>The salary will be on the standard BBSRC scale starting from 19,428
>p.a. plus benefits.
>Applicants for this position should submit C.V., relevant reprints,
>and 3 letters of references. Letters of recommendation can be sent
>electronically (plain text, word, or PDF) to
>Applications can also be sent by mail to: Roland Baddeley, Laboratory
>of Experimental Psychology, Sussex University, Falmer, Brighton
>England BN1 8QG. Replies will only be made to people who get called
>for interview. Closing date 30th October 2000.

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