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>Reason: my wifes grandfather, her father and her brother all read every
>LAmour book, and loved them all, except they all hated Haunted Mesa.
>In an effort to be a part of the family, I tried to read a LAmour book,
>hated it. Tried another, put it down, couldn't pick it back up. Then
>I reasoned, if they hated Haunted Mesa, perhaps I would like it. Well,
>it was silly, but far less so than the westerns. Actually it had its
>if one is in the mood for that sorta thing. spike

As have most people (I suppose)...i've gone thru some distinct "phases" in
regard to reading....there for a while i got onto a Western kick and read
every louis lamour book i could find......

But i got over it.

Actually another author...Dan Parkinson.....wrote some very good western
novels. I haven't been able to find anything new from him in years but the
one's that i did read were historically accurate to my cursorial appraisal
(written about the area of the country that i knew something
about.....texas, oklahoma, kansas etc)...

What got me started on Dan Parkinson was a book called "Calamity Trail" (i

It should come with a warning label. It is NOT for the weak of heart.

You see....it's hilarious.......i read it...almost died lalughing...i lent
it out to my mother in law...the next day my father in law complained to me
that she had staid up all night reading it....and giggling uncontrolably....

So that got me started on Dan's more serious stuff...some of which was funny

Edinberg, Tx.

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