Re: Monsanto to Provide Royality-Free Licenses for "Golden Rice" Development

From: Greg Ederer (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 13:18:38 MDT

>Critics of biotech crops say not enough is known about their
> safety or effect on the environment.
These new species _might_ be fine, or they _might_ be the next thalidamide,
or they _might_ kill all the bees. . . hell, they _might_ turn out to be
_good_ for bees. Since neither the FDA nor the EPA do _any_ testing of GM
products, we would have no way of knowing. If this "First to market, and to
hell with the consequences" approach is going to be the model nanotech
development, then we might as well just contact the Galactic Map Authority,
and ask them to mark our planet as unihabitable now.

(Anyone got a number for the GMA?)

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