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From: ct (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 07:47:54 MDT

> On Thu, 03 Aug 2000, Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:
> >What is the best way to quote someone in your reply?

From: "Matt Gingell" <>
   <major sniperoo>
>...To which I would follow up:
> When the Singularity comes, your AI mailer will do it for you. Excelsior!

Hello, Mark,
I see you've met the welcoming committee! Don't abandon all hope just yet.
You see, Matt has recently been selected as your pet hominid during your
transition to posthuman status. As your introductory packet has informed
you, uploading and uplifting have been eliminated from the hominid
progression, due to unforeseen stability and integrity concerns
in the original substrate. Leapfrogging is apparently the only option open
at this point in space-time...unless you want to try that tunneling
thingie that's rather avante-gardish this millennium.

Of course, if you prefer to remain human, we will equip you with all the
latest in LE protocols, financial strategies, legal advisors and an
"Offshore/Off-planet Govt. For Dummies" and "Govt. For Dummies Quick
Reference Guide" at no additional charge. WOMD available at-cost.

So, we've got it all! Whether you think big (M-brains) or small
(nano/gene-gineering) we're well equipped to provide it all. And lest you
think that techno-geek is our only culture, be forewarned about our
musicians and artists who compose with string theory on the cosmic canvas.

Now, exchange your current gods for the gods of rational, critical
and creative thinking. Next, be prepared to improve, optimize,
augment and, finally, extend all aspects of your identity, existence and
reality. Once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll realize how inevitable
that initial leap...

And in closing:
> {8-] Mark, did anyone warn you we have a weird sense
> of humor? {8^D spike

That would be part of the Jones Binary currently visible in the California
skies. 'Overcoming' gravity has always been an issue
during their watch. They are in charge of transportation.

So. Welcome, and enjoy the ride.

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