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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 10:56:46 MDT

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> While Napster enjoys the benefits of being first to
> the mothernode, it also pays to learn the dance of adjustment, and pays its
> way through the obstacle course of legal challenge, as the competition
> watches. They want Tapster's customers, those millions of earls,
> without Tapster's vulnerability. They go to sleep at night and dream of
> defendant Napster, humbled before the black-robed inquisitor, weeping at the
> words, "...hanged by the neck until dead." Gunsel, freenet, scour,
> Napster, more to come, an unending hoard, the new VC army seeking the
> perfect combination of ease of access, technical/legal teflonability, and
> commercial exploitability. The barbarians await beyond the walls of Rome.
> It makes me giddy. Go barbarians!

Thank you for a fun post. What wonderful imagery.

Being UN-ROMAN, Kounterkultur Kids, we're waiting patiently outside the walls.
(In other words I am one of the pathetic eye/earballs who cannot really
afford the full price CD, have to go to matinees, and buy used computers from
Extropians ; ) I;ve been given more free music in my life than I could
Napster in a year! ...on tape at first, now CD.

Yet, I am more cynical. While I also really enjoy watchin' the game (havin' a
bud) of the earballs vs. the suits....

What I am surprised no one has said is: perhaps the whole Napster thing is a
huge publicity stunt, and they've been in bed with the record companies......

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