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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 06:19:01 MDT

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> > So let me get this straight: the resistant bacteria are present in the
> > MEAT? If that is the case, then the reason there are resistant strains
> > of bacteria is because the cows are not given ENOUGH anti-biotics to
> > wipe out the bacteria, so the claims of the greens are not only bogus,
> > they are completely the opposite of what the proper solution is.
> Mike, I don't know quite how to reply to this, or even if I should, but
> since I've had a very personal experience with antibiotic resistant
> bacteria, I guess I'll give it a shot.
> Resistant bacteria are not killed by the antibiotic they're resistant to,
> even if you give them a large dose. I almost died from bilateral bacterial
> pneumonia, because the bacteria were resistant to the antibiotics I was
> given. I assure you I didn't stop taking the antibiotics. They simply
> didn't work. The disease just kept running its course as though I hadn't
> taken antibiotics at all. At the hospital they gave me different antibiotics
> which still didn't work. Far as I could tell, I got well on my immune system
> alone, although it certainly helped to have the oxygen and glucose IV's.

I guess you didn't read what I said. I understand what you are saying.
My own father has had repeat battles with a blood infection that swelled
up his legs like elephantiasis, and they had to bring out what his doc
calls 'the big guns' to finally whip it. What I was saying though, is
that if there were resistant strains in the meat, then those strains got
resistant due to an incomplete or insufficient treatment of antibiotics
IN THE COW (NOT you). So the point is, it suggests the farmer is not
giving the cow a sufficient dose of anti-biotics to wipe out the
bacteria, NOT that its wrong he's giving them it at all.

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