RE: Research Fellowship rules?

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Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 21:59:34 MDT

For tax purposes, IRS will look at the substance of the relationship between
the parties rather than the label. If you don't have a tax person to consult
with in Atlanta, Eliezer, please feel free to contact me off-list. These
are not the sorts of questions that can be answered accurately without
knowing all your circumstances.


> Several people have recommended that the Singularity Institute avoid
> having any employees if at all possible. The two alternate
> relationships are "contractor" and "fellowship". The "fellowship"
> description fits what I'll be doing, at least until SingInst is ready to
> start a coding project with multiple programmers (which won't be for a
> while yet), so that's the current plan.
> Does anyone here know the exact details of what paperwork is legally
> required to create a fellowship? For example, do I need to file a W-4
> with SingInst so that SingInst can withhold tax from fellowship
> payments? Do I need to calculate and send taxes myself on a quarterly
> basis? Or do I just calculate and pay my taxes at the end of the year?
> If I'm not going to be an employee, are things like health insurance
> deductible from my taxable income? And so on.
> If there are any Research Fellows on this list, or anyone who's done the
> paperwork for fellowships at some point in their lives, please contact
> me.
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