RE: SOC/BIO: Rifkin's "worldwide moratorium"

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Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 21:41:49 MDT

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> Yes, as I pointed out already adult Monarchs only consume nectar,
> so it is the adults who are affected by this GM corn. I wasn't
> aware corn was a good source for nectar, but apparently it is.
> Maybe Bonnie our resident green thumb can enlighten us.

I do see a few butterflies on corn tassels, which are the male flower of the
corn plant. More commonly I see bees. But, as Mike pointed out, corn is
mainly pollinated by wind. I never see corn plants swarming with
butterflies and bees as I do insect pollinated plants such as, say, tree
huckleberry (_Vaccinium arboreum_).


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