Re: The Future of Music (was: Re: e-book pricing)

Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 15:42:21 MDT

Eliezer wrote, regarding paying for music downloads:
> I wouldn't do it every time I downloaded, but for the songs I wanted to
> keep? Sure! In a flash! But the payment would have to be automatic;
> I'm not going to spend eight hours finding the email address to send the
> Paypal payment to.

Actually it appears that MojoNation ( does have some
plans for this kind of thing. They have a module called the "PayLars
Tracker". (Named after, a site which allows fans to
send voluntary payments to Metallica and other music groups.)

The PayLars tracker is a database server which links authors to their
works, so that you can find out who the author is for any given work.
Presumably this could be used in the future by an agent which allowed
you to click and send some Mojo to the author.


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