Re: hormoos

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 07:56:23 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:
> speaking of being contaminated by added vitamins and the like...
> < Here you will find
> behind-the-scenes details about how a
> large share of America’s milk supply has
> quietly become adulterated with the
> effects of a synthetic hormone secretly
> injected into cows…and how pressure from
> the hormone maker Monsanto led Fox TV
> to fire two of its award-winning reporters
> and sweep under the rug much of what
> they discovered but were never allowed to
> broadcast. >

One of the telling statements in the tv story was that the cheif
'scientist' claiming the danger to people says that if erythrymicin were
in the milk, and people ate the milk, it would make their bodies more
resistant to erythrymicin. However, its not the human body's resistance
that is important, but the resistance of any diseases humans may
contract, a significantly different thing.

I also found it rather telling that the reporters objections to Fox
general counsel desiring balance in the story, which its apparent the
reporters were not interested in, demonstrates the total lack of
objectivity by the reporters, and thus the story is suspect.
Additionally, its apparent that from the websites they link to, that
this is some sort of campaign by anti-milk people promoting a lactose
free diet, and while there is, on a related site, a few references to
studies, none are linked to anything on the web, nor do the reporters
provide ANY links to any studies done of IGF-1 impact on human health,
which they claim is a 'growing body of evidence'. Great, lets see the

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