Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter Issue 2 available

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 21:32:09 MDT

~Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter Issue 2 is now available!
This issue features an inside view on what is happening in Zyvex, the first
company founded to develop molecular manufacturing technology. (interview
with George Skidmore). Also read the thoughts of Robert Freitas, author of
Nanomedicine, on what we might be spending after nanotechnology is
developed. Will Ware (author of NanoCAD) provides a perspective on a simple
approach to modeling some nanoscale devices. Charles Ostman (senior fellow,
Institute for Global Futures) explores the convergence of breakthroughs in
biotechnology as a progenitor to transformation of the world by
nanotechnology. I have included a transcript of an interview I gave to
journalist Max Block of
Columbia University. Following the calendar of conferences and events is a
collection of news shorts on significant nanotechnology milestones and
issues since the last publication.

Thank you!
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
Nanotechnology Industries
"Nanotechnology: Solutions for the future."

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