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Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 01:06:03 MDT

>From: "phil osborn" <>

>Good link. Another possibility, however, especially as bandwidth improves
>and more stuff can be done live, is interactive music sessions, in which
>make direct requests and bid or tip as needed to get the music you want.

<other thought provoking ideas snipped>

I think some serious thought ought to be given to the honor system /
shareware paradigm by artists in general, and musicians in particular. As a
for instance, I recently Napstered Macy Gray’s excellent album, and am
enjoying it so much that I’d be *happy* to pay for the album (albeit at a
steep discount, since I neither have nor want the CD medium or the fancy
packaging). I even searched the web looking for a place to purchase the MP3
version of the album. (Not surprisingly, no such luck.)

I can hear the artists on the list saying “If you enjoy the album so much,
why don’t you just pop for the friggin’ CD?!?” Good question. Here’s the

I am thoroughly enjoying the album *today*. I expect within a couple of
months I’ll tire of it. As of now I own approximately 300 CD’s, of which I
still listen to about 10%. The other 270 CD’s, after costing me over
$3,000.00, offer me little benefit other than taking up space and collecting
dust in my house. I would much rather have purchased those albums in MP3
format (again at a steep discount) and done without the CD medium and fancy
packaging. Then I’d be free to delete the album (or most of it, only
retaining those few songs on each album that I really like) freeing up space
for the new album by the next artist of the minute.

But nooooooo....., *that* would eat up too much of the recording industry’s
real cash cow business (manufacturing, packaging and distribution - none of
which I have any need for). So my only options are (1) buy the friggin’ CD
and pay for all the superfluous “value added” hokum that I’d rather do
without, or (2) Napster the album and be branded a scofflaw. I chose option
(1) for the past 20 years. Frankly my dear, I’m sick of it. Until there’s
a viable option (3), I’m sticking with Napster.


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