Re: Decentralization and exhastive searches: mutually exclusive?

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 23:18:41 MDT

Alex Future Bokov wrote:

> Okay, this is a theoretical question that I'd like to ask without
> getting bogged down in politics. I'm using Napster and Gnutella as
> convenient examples and not because I approve or disapprove of either.
> 1. Gnutella--
> 2. Napster--

I'm glad you brought this up. Over the last month I have been nothing less
than OBSESSED with both, as I see the development of distributed
decentralized file sharing as the future of the internet and quite possible
the architecture that will facilitate much of the spontaneous orders that we
have promulgated for years.

***BTW, I strongly encourage everyone on this list to check out Mojo Nation
Software as soon as possible.

The open-source community is working steadily on the next generation of
Gnutella, and promises to fix a lot of its current shortcomings. Several
start-up companies are already receiving lots of VC from big names like Marc
Andressen to capitalize on the architecture of Gnutella. He is financing a
new start-up to do the exhaustive searches you want. The scheme is called
"Infrasearch" and has the potential to search the entire net and everyone's
public hard rives. A far cry from the 20% or less than current search
engines do. Check out GoneSilent at

As for Napster itself, check out Napigator at
this tool allows you to connect to ANY Napster compatible server - and there
are over 100 around the world and growing! So shutting down Napster the
company will hardly shut down Napster the search client..

And finally please check out Mojo Nation.
This software has the potential of creating the worlds first decentralize
online currency - can we say anonymous e-cash? Give Mojo Nation file
swapping a few years, and mojo bucks could become more valuable the real


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