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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@frontiernet.net)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 09:05:50 MDT

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson has created a website <http://www.sasquatchsite.com/>
 detailing his experiences and reactions regarding his July 2000 Bigfoot
encounter. Some materials (such as book recommendations) are directly tied
to his Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) tutoring. Others are
reflective of his own good insights and belief systems. Dr. Johnson, as a
novice-witness-chronicler, unknowingly appears to be excluding certain
materials (e.g. the works of Byrne, Dahinden, Hall, Huyghe, Coleman) only
because of the early influence of BFRO, but he is an intelligent eyewitness
and his learning curve is very fast. Watch his site for changes.

His present links include the following:

Top 10 Reasons to believe Bigfoot exists!
Media Response
Your Responses
Shared Info/Stories
Discussion Forum
Dr. Johnson's Parenting Program
Bigfoot and P.T.S.D.
Suggested Reading
Other Sasquatch Websites
Biblical Parallels
STREAMING AUDIO of Dr. Johnson's 4 hour interview on Coast to Coast AM with
Mike Siegel


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