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>Subject: RE: The Future of Music (was: Re: e-book pricing)
>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:32:00 -0700
>The Future of Music Web site might interest you all.
> and
>"Featuring... Direct compensation for musicians: How can you
>collect real money in your online tip jar?" located at
>"No longer will corporate media and big money be able to frame
>the discussion of music solely in terms of their industries,
>as we draw together the strongest voices in the technology and
>independent music communities to address questions of music in
>the marketplace with a clear-eyed focus on the interests of the
Good link. Another possibility, however, especially as bandwidth improves
and more stuff can be done live, is interactive music sessions, in which you
make direct requests and bid or tip as needed to get the music you want. A
good model for this is the filk session. A really good filker, such as
Leslie Fish, perhaps the pre-eminent filker of all time, can either pull up
a song from memory on just about any conceivable subject, or make up one to
fit on the fly. When you've got a whole crew of filk musicians, odds are
that one or more of them will know exactly what kind of music fits your

Other possibilities include the expansion of Midi or programmed music to the
point that you can get any song or piece transposed on the fly to any style,
instrument(s) or artist. One could also imagine a system that took fairly
simple readings of ones emotional state and learned how to optimally match
music to it - or alternatively to move one in the direction of a desired
state. Such a system might utilized direct control as well, using emotional
parameters instead of musical notation. Then the "musician" might be
someone who you expected - like the minstrels in the courts of old - to
weave an emotional spell or provide a background - like a movie soundtrack -
to your life.

Continuous realtime services along these lines would be prohibitively
expensive for most people (some of the new rich of the digeratti, however,
have full time musicians in their homes, I understand, for this very
purpose), but hiring someone like you would a therapist or a trainer or
gardener to create, monitor and optimize a semi-autonimous system that
created your personal music - pulled from the world library to fit your
mood, etc. - would be quite feasible.
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