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Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 15:31:04 MDT

Forteana list take for the first time - TWC...

At 12:07 PM 07/27/2000 -0700, Terry W. Colvin wrote:
Excerpt from Fortean Times 133, April 2000 "We didn't start the FIRE",
pp. 34-38
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"In both the Waco TV documentaries, extensive analysis was made of the
taped records of recurring images of heat sources at the rear of the
building. According to the Pentagon's former expert on FLIR analysis,
Dr. Edward Allard, and specialists hired by CBS's 60 Minutes, they are
evidence of government gunfire.

"These flashes occur as the fire begins;

  IAN: Those very flashes are examined here:

leading researchers suggest that
they are evidence of unidentified government agents, initially, shooting
fleeing Davidians and then entering the building in a co-ordinated
'dynamic entry.'

   IAN: Actually those flashes are active thermal
   reflections of the fire on a piece of material,
   probably mylar, attached to a fallen-out wall
   panel and the material is flapping in the wind
   causing multiple rapid flashes in one location
   as the flapping surface swings a reflected beam
   up and down several times over the FLIR sensor.

   I think Fortean is mistaken to imply that Allard
   et al claim the gunmen then staged a "dynamic
   entry." In fact Allard claims the opposite, that
   the gunmen were fleeing as they fired, a claim
   for which there's no supporting video evidence.

At least five Davidians were found shot dead in this

   IAN: Actually Waco: A New Revelation (WANR)
   (the only source of such a claim) says there
   was 15 shot bodies in that area, which is
   indicated to be at the only back door, in
   the dinning room. WANR cites the Justice Dept.
   report as the source of those body locations.
   However, when I informed WANR producder Mike
   McNulty that the DoJ report lists ZERO bodies
   in that area, he tried to deny the claim was
   ever made, even as everyone understands that
   that's what's being said when they see WANR.

Adding weight to the allegations is the fact that the only
surviving Davidians were those who exited from the front of the building."

   IAN: I've got a copy of the FLIR so good you can see
   the rubble the tank is pushing around, you can see
   the texture in patches of grass. Nobody's seen exiting
   from the rear nor being shot. The only person seen is
   Renos Avram, as he escaped around front off a roof.


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