Re: An interesting article about the aussie people

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Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 05:45:53 MDT

--- John M Grigg <> wrote:
> I enjoyed this article about Australia. Becky, the
> beautiful aussie girl I grew close to on the net was as I
> remember pretty mercenary in talking to me about the
> money part when it came to a prospective mate.

Interesting article, but I wonder what the sample size was!
I get a bit suspicious of these surveys when basic
information such as this isn't given. Sydney/NSW scored
highest in the "materialism" stakes, which is no surpise I
guess. The Olympic profit bandwagon is rolling well and

I've also just finished watching the first episode of
Robert Hughes' TV documentary "Beyond The Fatal Shore", on
contemporary Australia. As usual R.H. is eloquent and
interesting, watch it if you get a chance. Again you must
always guard against too much generalisation, though.


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