Re: Steven King's other stuff/was the plant

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Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 02:29:17 MDT

I figured that I might hear a rebuttal to that at some point. It's all a
matter of taste I suppose, or testosterone. Also, it was before my time (my
puberty was in the 80's, mid-King current). I just remember that every
library had an entire rack dedicated to the guys flourishing books, and
later knew he was a classic.

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Hopefully noone will despise me for it but.....I read all (i think) of Louis
> Lamour's works.
> I'm convinced he had early access to "advanced" technology.
> Many, many, many of his novels contain the SAME sentances.....
> I think he had an AI write his novels using a data base as a source......
> in the fifties....................yeah......right...
> EvMick
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> I hated the Gunslinger (Louis L'amour came to mind,
> yuck)
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