Re: Self Destruct Warning: Only half pro-Constitution

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 00:58:27 MDT


This "poll" is bogus. It is deliberately misleading. It makes more claims
than it asks questions!

It never asked if people would vote for the constitution. It asked if
people would vote for the constitution AND to repeal all of the
"unauthorized" programs passed by congress including funding for teachers,
funding for symphonies, funding for the arts, and any forms of gun-control.
They even seem to imply that school prayer is not really unconstitutional,
and politicians just claim it is, so voting for the constitution wouldn't
necessarily prevent school prayer.

Only by agreeing to reverse all these "unauthorized" laws could a person
vote "for" the constitution.

This was not a "poll" in the sense that it did not try to seek out public
opinion. It was obviously written to lead a person to a specific point and
trap them into a bad position.

I would vote FOR the constitution today.
I would vote AGAINST repealing all of the laws they list.
I could not vote on the question in the poll, because my position was not
given as one of the possible answers!

(But what do you expect from "Portrait of America,"

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