Re: Self Destruct Warning: Only half pro-Constitution

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 00:05:39 MDT

>From: Damien Broderick <>

>At 11:26 PM 29/07/00 -0400, Mike wrote:
> >Apparently only half the population of the US would vote for the US
> >Constitution if its ratification were voted on today.
>< the sky is falling >
>What proportion voted for it over two centuries ago? Did anyone ask them?
>Who were `they', by the way - rich male landowners? working men? women?
>blacks? Indians? chinee kung-fu masters?

As you probably know already (or at least suspect) very much less than half
of the population voted to ratify the constitution way back when. In fact
it was never put to a popular vote. Once it was ratified by nine of the
original 13 states (and it was the state *conventions* - i.e. state
governments - not populace who voted) the Constitution became the law of the

For those who (God knows why) have any interest in digging a little deeper
than taking my word for it:


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