Re: paying the artists: the spike

From: Jason Joel Thompson (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 20:43:07 MDT

> As I have said before, anything that behaves like money, that does the
> job of money, is in fact money. "money" is merely a discriptor for a
> tool that symbolizes value. "Getting past money" would require a quantum
> shift in the perception of all humanity about how important it is that
> all/most/large transactions be considered 'fair' in value exchange
> between parties. This is essentially requiring the destruction of the
> Baysian paradigm.

Let me clarify a little: by the statement "getting past money" I'm really
just talking about being free of it as a means to keep yourself alive. I
agree that we are likely to require "tools that symbolize" value for the
forseeable future.

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