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> Piers Anthony (a pseudonym?) is among the most
> prolific authors alive, and ever.
> ...

Yep. His real name is Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob.
For a list of everything he's written (and published),

> ...
> Personally, my attention span at this stage would
> not provide the output of a good novel, although I
> think myself to be a decent writer, and to be
> surrounded by many of them.
> ...

I have the same problem... several times I've started
some story or another, and may have all sorts of cool
ideas, but I just can't manage to get more than a
small bit done before I lose focus and stop (this is
excluding school assignments, of course, which I
fortunately have managed to finish ;) ). What little I
have written has gotten plenty of compliments from the
people who have seen it, but I just don't have the
focus to be able to actually write more than a bit of
a long story (the only non-assigned things I've ever
finished have been short poems and very short
stories). I don't know why; I probably could if I
really tried, because I don't have this much trouble
focusing on other things, but it's a different kind of
focusing... I dunno. Whatever. :)

> Last time I posted about fiction was a couple years
> ago, it is in the archives somewhere.

I'd like to read it if you could find it... I've been
having a lot of trouble with the archives (especially
that blasted search engine) for several months now.

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