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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 13:05:54 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:

> >From:
> >Being an unreconstructed aerospace nut (and spending way too much time on
> >airplanes), I've followed the Concorde crash story with morbid fascination.
> Then you would probably find the following site of interest:

The recommended site was enormously informative, Zero, and
I thank you.

Greg -- I share your fascination although I don't perceive it as
morbid. I've no interest whatever in other types of transport
disaster, or in generic disaster scenarios of any kind. It's true
that "nuts" tend to have "morbid" interests, but I would describe
myself as "an unreconstructed aerospace fanatic" so that my
attention, while socially borderline, is otherwise asymptomatic.
Seriously -- how do you interpret this specific interest?

And while I've got you on the line, Greg, please appreciate that
I DO regard serotonin reuptake neuropathy as correlated with
suicide, or an apathy sufficiently profound to justify a diagnosis
of "quasi-neonatal failure to thrive" You see, we really have no
category for this illness [c.f. involutional melancholia] and I
regard the word "depression" as a metaphor rather than a
satisfactory diagnostic category, supposing that phrases such
as "neurochemically induced mood disorder" [in endogenetic
cases] not only more accurate, but less prejudicial. One may
consider this disorder as analogous to diabetes, either of
which may or may not contribute to the death of an otherwise
viable person.

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