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Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 10:30:00 MDT


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> > I attended a seminar recently where a RIAA representative showed up and
> > that their strategy was to shut down anybody making music available for
> > free. At this point in the game they are loathe to prosecute the
> > fans/pirates because of fear of the backlash they would face if they
> > prosecuting their own customers.

>Since people have been going to jail for selling bootlegs since vinyl came
>out, I don't see why "they" (if you mena the record companies) have any
>reason to stop punishing freeloaders now.

The difference between bootleggers which will be prosecuted (though ususally
*not* by the RIAA) and Napsters who are *not* being prosecuted, is that with
digital piracy the pirates are not in it for the money.

It's one thing to go after someone who is (as you recently pointed out)
illegally making a profit off someone else's labor. It's another PR thing
entirely, to prosecute someone who is merely "sharing" their stuff with
their "friends."


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