Re: IP: A tale of two futures.

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Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 08:40:43 MDT


On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Spike Jones wrote:

> Alex Future Bokov wrote:
> > We better have an answer to this "Information wants to be free" vs.
> > "Information creators want to eat" dilemma pretty soon....
> Oh, I dont know Alex, it might be considered the revenge of
> the laborer. Those who hoist and clean, flip burgers, drive
> taxis and sell their bodies may end up after *all these years* of
> poverty and disrespect, having the last jobs that still pay money.
> They may eventually be the last ones producing a product
> which cannot be "freed." They may soon get revenge for
> all the condescending attitudes from all those highly paid
> programmers and other information workers, which has
> gradually come to include, well, practically all of us.
> Steinbeck would have have been so pleased with a world
> such as this, and what would have made it even sweeter for
> him is that we information technology gurus clamored for just
> such a world, in fact we created it.
> So! The grunt laborer *really does* win out in the end. The
> commies were right all along! Ill be damned. spike

Well, I have two jobs-- a brain one and a grunt one, and neither
pays me royalties, so I have nothing to fear for now.

My point is that someday burgers *will* be self-assembling, taxis
*will* be self-driving, and the people who make RealDoll will team up
with the people who make the Honda P3 droid. The IP debate will in the
near future extend to duplication of physical property, and how we
handle the current debate will set the stage for the future one.

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