Re: Anti Zeppelin systems

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 18:52:50 MDT

> Michael S. Lorrey <>
> >Even if it were in the atmosphere, then the atmospheric displacement would create a
> > wall of turbulence at the boundary of the cloud, which would cause damage to the
> > warhead,
> John Clark wrote: Reentering warheads are only in the atmosphere for a few
> seconds, they enter at a very high angle and are designed to withstand enormous g forces
> that would flatten a human dead in a instant. And a little turbulence is going to break one?
> I don't think so. John K Clark

Im actually in agreement with John... {8^D A miracle. {8-] In order to
knock out a reentry body we need to hit it with something solid, like
another missile, and before that, focus on it with a megawatt laser on an
area the size of a quarter, and hold it there for several milliseconds.
That would blast a hole in it at least, and perhaps allow estimation
of its mass to determine if its the real one. Of course that megawatt
laser is best if used before MIRV... spike

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